Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is available to students not currently enrolled in my classes.

Tutee’s Responsibilities:

  • Tutees are expected to inform me of the topics covered in class between each session, at least 12 hours before the tutoring session.
  • Tutees are expected to bring their notes, textbook, and any other course related material.
  • Tutees are not to use the tutoring sessions as a primary source of information for class (i.e. in place of lectures). Tutees are expected to attend all their classes.
  • Tutees are responsible to provide me with verification of their attendance.
  • Tutoring sessions are topics based. I will devote as much time as necessary till I am confident the tutee has learned the material (not exceeding 3 hours). Therefore, I expect tutees to block off 2-3 hours for each session.

What to Expect:

  • I will not do your homework or any other graded assignments for you.
  • You are expected to work out problems by hand ensuring proper use of mathematical notation. I also expect your expositions to be well written and logically correct.
  • I will give you homework to complete before each tutoring session. This will consist of a written assignment and an online homework through WeBWorK.
  • Failure to complete my assignments prior to the tutoring session will result in no further private tutoring.

Tutoring sessions will iterate between developing chosen topics and problem solving:

  • developing chosen topics: definitions, theorems, derivation of formulas, examples etc…
  • and problem solving: tutees will work on a set of problems related to the chosen topics independently, however, in the event that the tutee is stuck I will either provide a full detailed solution of the problem, solve a similar problem, or provide hints.


  • Sessions will range between $50 and $100 depending on the topic.

If you are interested in private tutoring, please fill out the form below: