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    1. Hi Edward,

      Login for users is the same as login in to WordPress.

      I haven’t used it in a long time but I believe it’s /login or /admin.

      Aori Nevo, PhD

  1. Hello Aori Nevo,
    Seems that plugin AN_gradebook is not working.
    I would like to use it but 🙁

    Installed and all the butons seems show up. But after filling in the content and klicking the buton. nothing happend. Maybe newest wordpress is not compatible with your plugin. The plugin looks great for the purpose where i will use it for but….
    Not in this case 🙂

    Do you have plans to update de plugin?
    Hope to hear from you.

    1. I just reinstalled the plugin and it’s working fine. I’m running wordpress 3.7.

      Can you take a screen shot and email it to me? Also, can you do this in firefox while running firebug. That way I can see what sort of errors you are getting.

      Feel free to contact me directly, here.

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