MAT 281: Homework

Homework Guidelines:

  • Homework must be completed on a printed version of the posted assignment.
  • Your homework is partly graded on exposition. Certainly no points will be awarded for illegible homework. To avoid point deductions associated with exposition, make sure your homework is legible, well-organized, and demonstrates control of mathematical notation. Here are some examples of where you can lose points: forgetting to staple your assignment, forgetting to write your name, scratch outs, scribbles, using lined paper, using spiral bound paper, not showing enough work, doodling, etc…
  • Homework is due at the beginning of class, on the second class meeting after it’s assigned. Homework submitted after the first 5 minutes of class will be penalized 20%. Homework will not be accepted if it is not submitted in class or by email within the time frame of the class, on the day it is due.